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Visit our online store! We carry a variety of resources that accentuate learned experiences. Read the classroom activities posted with the children's literature!

We are dedicated to providing educational materials that enrich the learning experiences of all students, maximizing students' high-level responses, and minimizing the time and onus required by educators. We believe educational experiences are most productive when everyone is actively engaged and encouraged.

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Included here are links to the National Association for Gifted Children and all of the state gifted associations. Also included are internet libraries, recommended reading lists, and other miscellaneous educational sites for your reference.


Legacy Award Winner

Awarded by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented

Differentiation: Simplified, Realistic, and Effective
Bertie Kingore, Ph.D.

Integrating Thinking, 2nd ed.
Bertie Kingore

This book is a response to teachers' requests for simple-to-implement strategies that readily apply learning standards in multiple content areas, topics, and grade levels. This revised and expanded edition provides: research-based strategies, differentiated examples, tiered applications, activities integrated with learning standards, learning tasks with high appeal to mentally engage students

Assessment Interactive CD-ROM
Bertie Kingore & Jeffery Kingore

This fully interactive and customizable CD-ROM provides the forms from the Assessment book for simplifying effective classroom assessments. Included are over 120 completely customizable rubrics, self-evaluations, assessments, interviews, conference forms, goal-setting forms, product grids, borders, and parent letters!


Working with us are several internationally acclaimed consultants who are enthusiastic to meet your unique staff development needs. All presentations and handouts are customized specifically for your organization, state, district, or school. Click here to read about our three primary consultants and some of the services they provide.

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